Apr 18, 2016

Dear Charlie | Mundane Monday

Dear Charlie, 

It's snowing today.

All the green tufts of grass are now tufts of white all over the backyard. But there are puddles still, and trails of water from all the rain.

Leaves are popping out all over the trees, and I've been watching the buds on the lilacs for more than a week now, searching for a blossom. But I suppose they knew better than I and are safe, tucked away in their buds until the weather gets warm again.

It's kind of a knock-back, this snow. I'd so been loving spring this year, the warmth, the sunlight. I couldn't believe this snow when I woke up this morning. But it wasn't like I hadn't been expecting it.

And already the snow is melting, and I've just got to believe that even the cold deadness of winter will somehow aid in the green life of spring.

It's like the goodness out there, I guess. We've just got to believe it will bloom, even from under a blanket of hurt and depression. And like Mama says, "The snow's just disappearing . . . right before your very eyes."

It's like this, if you look close enough, there's something always blossoming beneath that makes the winter worth weathering.

Love, Kayla

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