May 13, 2016

5 Inspiring Things For Your Weekend

Dear You,

How has your week been?
In truth, we've been run a little into the ground. 
Sometimes it just happens. Sometimes it helps you get up a little bit slow, a little bit weary.
Sometimes you just need/wish someone, something would pick you up.
It's okay. Here's just a little love coming your way.

Love, Kayla

This beautiful Psalm sung in ancient Hebrew?
I can't get over how real this feels.
Kind of brings God's word into a whole different light?

This history making Riverdance still making history today.
Still giving shivers, still giving thunderous applause.

 Why does this make one so happy?

May is Holocaust Remembrance Month.
Andre Rieu plays a beautiful memorial.

What happened to the glorious days when the soaring, sweeping musical scores took you away?
Maybe we can just slip away and spend a few quiet moments here?
Even if it's across the globe.

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