May 26, 2016

Author Update | What I'm Writing, Doing, Planning

Well, well, well.

I sit down to do an author update and as of right now, I haven't written a single word in my current work in progress all May long. Yeah, and we're almost done with May.

This is bad. A bit scary, but mostly really sad.

May is just May. I guess.

What I'm Writing:
For the last few months I've been working on something completely out of my comfort zone: a furturistic sci-fi novella. A very tame sci-fi and I'm not completely sure how futuristic it will seem. I told my friend it's a by-product of The Raven Boys Cycle, and since I devoured the first three books and am still waiting for the fourth, the writing has come to a stand still. Here's a cover I did for inspiration. Nothing is set in stone, it may change, but just so you can get an idea. 

I actually do not know what I'll be doing with it when its finished. I would like to entice some beta readers and perhaps put it up for free somewhere. Let me know if you're interested in it and would like to see it!

I have several writing ideas I've been tossing around, both of which involve WWII, maybe stolen petrol, a dreamer, or a priest.

What I'm Doing:
In recent news I've got a summer job. I'm working with one of the best ladies ever at our local high school. I'm going to be painting, deep cleaning, mowing and keeping up the looks of the school. Maybe giving it a face-lift here and there. I've been a tom-boy my entire life and I would rather mess with our broken riding lawn mower than wash dishes, so I'm quite happy with my new job. Also, I love the idea of being a Jack-of-All-Trades. I had these romantic notions of working in a sweet little coffee shop, but the truth of it is work is work and no one job is better than another. Your dose of wisdom for the day.

What I'm Planning:
For most of the summer I'll be posting once a week over at my writing blog. I plan to keep doing some updates and posts here, too, but I make no promises how faithful it will be. I'm also going to Wisconsin in June for an overdue visit with my best friend! Yay! Otherwise, I plan to have a good summer, get some good, wholesome, outside labor in, write, and buy a much needed new mattress for my bed.

What does your summer look like?

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Katie said...

The book sounds great!
I love these little glimpses into your heart!

Love you,