Jun 6, 2017

The Leaving & The Moving

I'm not partial to changing and moving.
If I like something I keep it the way it is until I feel the need to move on. And that is usually a long, long, long time later.
I know it's time to move on when I'm not satisfied with it any more.

So I treated myself to a new blog site this past April.
It's made me really happy and just a little tickled to death.

It has a new place for my book, a photography collection, and a shelf to store my short stories so you can read them!

It's still called The Song of My Soul, but the link will be https://www.kaylaupdike.com.

I'll be posting over there from now on, but I've moved some of my favorite posts over there, and this old place will be around for as long as I can keep it.

If you would like to subscribe to the new blog feed, click below:

Thank you to all my faithful readers over the years, my mama, family and friends. It's been such a lovely, growing place, that's why I've hung on here so long. I didn't want to change it. But now, even though I want to stay, it is time to go.

Nothing else has changed except the site name and the place where I write, I hope to still be me over there, not to acquire any airs, but still make art and share the beauty of God's grace with you.

Love you all.

Here's not to leaving and moving on, but to gaining a new way to pour out life.

Love, Kayla

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