Aug 24, 2008

Big Red Saves the Day!

Well! I just had an interesting escapade!

This evening, indeed only a few minutes ago, I went walking outside my front door, with flip-flops on, to feed my dogs, who were barking quite annoyingly!

Well, when I reached them Sarge, my big red dog, began barking again at something behind me. I turned about and to my utter shock, a rattlesnake sat coiled in the driveway, not seven feet from where I stood! Quickly, I realized what I had just done!

Mistaking it's rattle for the rather loud locusts about our place, I had walked right past it where it could easily have bitten me.

Thanks to the Lord's protection, it didn't! And thanks to my big red, he had sensed the danger and warned us that something was amiss. If he hadn't, the rattler could have slithered into our garage and could possibly have bitten someone else. Thank the Lord for saving my life and for my Big Red!


Liz Brown said...

Yikes! :] Close call ...

I gave you a blog award -- see my blog for details.

Kayla said...

It was a bit scary! :)

Thank you, Liz! :)

Emily said...

I'm so glad that you're ok! Don't go scaring your friends that way. ;)

Kayla said...

Oh! It scared me first! I can't believe I walked right by it! I must have mistaken it's rattle for the loud locusts in the trees. *shivers* I still can't believe I did that and didn't get bit! I was wearing flipflops and that thing had a clear shot at my ankle!