Sep 2, 2008

Day 2 Adventures: Winder Shoppin'

Day Two Adventures....

Well, after another drizzly, rainy day spent in our tents, huddled together, and playing Dutch Blitz with Monica in the camper, the clouds finally cleared and we had SUNSHINE! So we all piled into the Brown's van (can you imagine thirteen kids in a, I think, a nine passenger van? We could and did! For we experience first hand!) and headed down the winding Needles Highway to Hill City.

Here's some of us, squished into our seats, looking very claustrophobic!

...some a little more than others!Josh, center: "You seem a decent fellow, I hate to kill you."
Tim, left: "You seem a decent fellow, I hate to die."
Joseph, right: "I just love happy endings!"
What that has to do with the pic, I have no idea! :D
That's just what it reminded me of!

Joseph, left: "I surmise, dear Philip, thee is not behaving!"
Philip: The grin should say it all!
We stopped to capture this beautiful view, only my
terrible camera didn't capture it very well.
The chipmunks were SOOO cute!!
Part of the Needles.
On the road.
Gracie even taught me how to crochet on the way!
I don't know about you, but I think window shopping
is even more fun than real shopping!
There were cute hats everywhere!!
I love the one with the seashells, Gracie!
Totally you, Lizzy!
While the girls tried hats, the boys got original and went after
So funky!

Way groovy!

We even went vintage, which was more original!
Lovely, Gracie! Perfectly lovely!
Truly sixties, Laura! I love that hat!
Model Glamor! You look like you're straight from
a '60's magazine!You've got the look, Lizzy!
Tim looks so authentic it's scary!
Window shopping finished, we headed to Dairy Queen
for some I-C-E-C-R-E-A-M!
This was the coolest Dairy Queen I've ever been to!
See the pictures on the wall to the left? Those were
all of the hero actors from cowboy western movies! It was
fun pointing all of them out!
Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Brown for the treat! It was an absolute blast!


Laura said...

Love the pictures, Kayli-dear!! I think that last one pretty much sums up our entire trip... all of us girls just can't keep our joy in!!

Kayla said...

Exactly, Lauri-dear! :) *hugs* I'll post some more fun pics of us all!

Beth Stockman said...

Got to love the hats! ;) It looks like you all had so much fun!

Emily said...

Looks like a blast!! Shopping and icecream, how much better can you get? :D

Love you, girl!