Sep 6, 2008

Autumn's chill is in the air!

I was inspired today! Now that could be a number of things and produce either something good or not so good! This time it was a poem that became of my inspiration, but whether it is good or not, I will leave that entirely up to the beholder! :)

My Lovely Autumn Friend
Autumn’s chill has come at last!
Memories wander and days gone past
Are floating by on colored leaves,
Waving good-bye as summer flees.

The apples have turned a golden red.
"We’ve had a good year," Papa said.
Driving by with wagon and team,
I give my mind leave to dream.

Fires and sweaters lie ahead,
And chilly mornings while lying in bed.
Hot chocolate to warm me through and through,
Sledding and skating as snow lovers do!

The wind whisks by with chilly breath,
Reminding of winter’s ugly death.
But Christmas and candy cheer my soul,
Warming me up to the whole!

But as for now, autumn is here,
The blue skies cry not tear.
Autumn’s secrets are left for me,
For we’re best friends, you see!

I hold her so precious near,
She never leaves me lost or drear.
Oh, yes! I love my lovely autumn dear!


Emily said...

Simply beautiful, Kay!! I'm so glad you were inspired... :)

Kayla said...

Thank you, darlin'! :) Love you much!


ForeverFan said...

Ohhh, lovely poem! Good job!