Sep 5, 2008

Friends Forever, Friends to Stay

Here are just some random photos from the rest of the camping trip! Truly, it was a wonderful ending to a most hectic summer! :)

Waiting before our trip up Harney Peak.
I wonder, if I ran underneath their arms...would I make contact with anything?
And still waiting... :)
Pete and Ethan, cutest kids in the world!
Josh, a little mischief maker! You can see it in his eyes! :D
Lovely Gracie!

Gracie and I on the hill behind our tents

Love you, Gracie!
Our clothesline on which nothing ever dried, for it rained and rained!
What have you been up to, Billy Boy? Surely, not
to seek a wife!?

This was a fun pic!
Lauri and Me!
Love you, Lauri!
Lizzie and Me!
Love you, Lizzie!
The whole gaggle o' girls!
The gist of the campers against the Cathedral Spires!
Beautiful shot!

Thanks for stopping by! :)


Liz Brown said...

Oh fun!! I was having flashbacks looking at these :)

I miss you soooooo much soooo bad!

Kayla said...

I miss you, too! :( *hugs* We shall be together again soon, dearest! *hugs again*

Beth Stockman said...

I like the way you guys were waiting around. ;)

Kayla said...

That was something my Dad inspired! ;)

Jonathan and Denielle Johnson said...

Great pictures, Kayla! :)
Hugs from Denielle :)