Nov 29, 2008

The Bacon Complete!

Yesterday and today Joseph and I FINALLY filled our licenses! :) I'm thankful that we did because my season would have ended on the 30 and poor Joe would have had to go through another weekend of five o'clock mornings! :) Not that getting up that early is bad or anything, you just get tired of it after awhile. :) Nine deer in all this season and that should last us awhile. :) Even though we took awhile, the Lord blessed us as never before, because I don't think we've ever filled every single one of our licenses before! Thank you, Lord! :)

Well, bushed am I and happy am I, so I must be off! :)

Thanks for dropping by today!

The Lord bless and keep! Happy Holidays! (I've nothing against saying Merry Christmas, but since we've only just finished with Thanksgiving and it's slowly coming into winter, I'm not sure what it would be then--Thanksmas?) :)

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