Dec 1, 2008

Tis the Season!


Well, it may be a little early still for some, but I have been very ready for Christmas to get here, for quite a long while, in fact! I could not wait for hot cocoa, the spicy aromas of Christmas scents and hanging Christmas lights, and snow!! Decorating the tree and filling the empty space beneath with presents! But presents is only part of what I look forward to on Christmas Eve and before hand. The best part of any Christmas is remembering that tiny little baby Who would one day save the world. In love for my dear Savior and this glorious season, here is where my mind has been this time of year.

Candle in the Night
Candle burning in the night,
In the darkness you're my light.
I watch thy flickering flame appear,
But then I see thee cry a tear.
O Candle burning bright for me,
Whispering stories secretly,
Tell me what thou hold so dear,
Tell me why thee shed a tear.
"I do not weep for saddened things,
But for a tiny baby king.
Born this night He lives to reign,
I weep because for thee He came.
"I weep for thee, you cannot see
Why I shine so bright for thee.
Twas this King who gave me light
To shine forth through all the night.
"Shed I light on His dear face,
To show He loved thee, Adam's race,
To make it know through all the land,
For thee He became a man.
"Child so blind, open thy eyes!
Look and see, before thee lies
A tiny King Who loves thee so,
Thee must sing for the world to know!"
A stable was His only bed
When once He'd pillows for His head.
He left the glory of His home,
On this wicked earth to roam.
In the manger now He lies,
A little smile and big bright eyes.
His mother loves Him, holds Him near,
While father praises Lord so dear.
Candle burning in the night,
Soft and sweet, thy precious light.
Thee hath shown me things delight,
Thee my eyes hath given sight.
As angels sing His praise on high
Their voices echo through the sky.
The shepherds gather flock a'near
While up above the Star appears.
Shining like my candle bright,
To all the world it giveth sight.
This is the Son, our Savior King,
Of Him my song shall ever sing!


Laura said...

What a beautiful poem, m'dear! glad that you finally got your deer! :) Wish I could see it!

Emily said...

Oh, my! That is gorgeous, Kayla! It's absolutely the prettiest Chritmas poem I've ever read. I love it!

Laura said...

BTW, I love your song of the day! :) Yeah for Newsies and "Santa Fe" (and David! :D)

Kayla said...

You bet, girlio! ;) Yay for Mush, too! :D