Dec 21, 2008

It's Back!

Not the blog, the camera cord! It decided to return home early I guess! :D So now here is living proof that it was once -20! ... Well, the atomic clock says -19 but just as Dad grabbed it so I could get a picture it changed! But it was, on my honor, twenty degrees BELOW zero!

Happy Sunday Night, everyone! And Merry Christmas! (Check out the post below the Anniversary one! It's called Clepto-something!)

PS Thanks, Em, for praying! ;)


Emily said...

:) Inside joke here?? ;) I'm telling you, I do the dumbest things sometimes! Arrgh! :S

*checks to make sure that I'm commenting under my name* :D

Kayla said...

That's alright, dear! :) Don't feel dumb, because I've done sillier things, I know! ;)