Dec 22, 2008

Deck the Halls!

Ah! Christmas! In two days! : D I’m terribly excited! Today is Dawna’s annual Christmas Party she hosts and this year the theme is a New York Sweet Shop. (To those who hold suspicions of where she was inspired with the idea, I’m sure you are right! ;) ) She’s terribly good at these sorts of things.

My Candle in the Night!

(Sorry these are side ways!)

A wise man from Mom's Nativity

Our blue Christmas tree decorations

And the Christmas tree. (Sorry it's like that!)

And Mom's lovely Christmas village

The Star!

Misty is sooo ready for Christmas break! She's been having
such a lovely time relaxing on my bed! ;)

1 comment:

Nicholas said...

Wow... how much glue did you use to keep that Christmas Tree sideways?! :) ha.

Nick H.