Dec 15, 2008

The Missing Link

Ok, as there is no cord to the camera on which is stored all the much needed pictures to bring this lifeless blog to life again (it has ultimately decided to return home for the holidays, and we ultimately do not know where it has gone) there aren't any pictures to prove the fact that it was twenty below zero this morning! :D Now that is the coldest I ever remember it being out here! But the lovely thing about it was, school was canceled for Daddy and we were able to start a roaring hot fire downstairs, hence we had a quiet peaceful morning. :)

The only thing about being homeschooled, though, is there are no excuses about the weather allowed--we still had school. :) It was alright though because we're almost ready to pause that part of our lives for the Christmas season. Yay! :D

But in reaction to the freezing weather, the dogs were blessed with spending the night in the laundry room last night, instead of out in their cold, little hut. :) That made me happy! I love having my puppies inside! As a second result to the weather, the hinges on all the doors have become terribly stiff, so when someone walks in and doesn't close the door, you can hear the hinges slowly closing--eeeeerrrrrrr--and then randomly someone shouts, "Close the door!" LOL

There's snow on the ground and the deer are hungrily looking for something to eat out in the fields, the live ones that is. ;) You can see only footprints in the snow, the remants of a mysterious creature that hops about, looking for something to eat as well!

So anyway, it's very cold here! :) And it's only ten days till Christmas! Merry Christmas everyone and God bless!


Stephen said...

Yay, an update!!

It's been cold here in Cali too! Well, you would probably consider it "barbecuing weather" ...

I'll be praying that you find your camara cord. Your pictures are the best! ;)

Kayla said...


Yeah! Just go fire up the barbecue pit out in the yard and roast some of deer steaks, heat up the hot chocolate...That's South Dakota heaven! ;) We had the windows open last week a 43 degrees! Crazy! :D

:D Thanks!

Emily said...

Oh, goodness! I'm so sorry! That was me above.:D Man, I am forever doing that! :S

Kayla said...

LOL :D That's ok! I was like...Stephen? :P Nooo! :)