Dec 27, 2008

Winter Days

Blessed Christmas days! We had a very lovely holiday season! :) We did a great many things, but still it seemed to hurry by in such a rush I can harldy believe it's already over! Tuesday the 16th we had new homeschooling family in our area over for a Christmas party and the mom brought her two little girls while her baby boy and husband stayed home. We had the best time! It was very fun!
This is Mom's Christmas village which has grown quite rapidly over the years!
Dawna and Hannah and I would sometimes just sit in front
of it when it was all lighted up and night and imagine sweet little
parties going on in the little red roofed house. It is a very fond memory
I will always keep!
First, at the party, we made snowflake Christmas ornaments with beads and
colorful pipe cleaners. They turned out very cute!
This is Brooke and her finished snowflake. She's so cute!
And Hannah couldn't help making her own creations!
Lovely hat, darlingest! ;)
Hayley and her pretty craft! She's so adorable!
Brookey! Who gave you such a sweet smile? :)
After we played telephone, Hannah and the boys concoted this
makeshift slide on the stairs with mine and Hannah's matresses.
They brought in one of our sleds and had a blast sliding down them!
The girls really loved that!

A seat in the sun!
Playing telephone.

My two best buddies! (Sorry it's a little dark! I really must learn
how to take pictures!)

Sarge, lovin' up Hannah's bed!

Then came Dawna's Christmas party! And a lovely,
splendifferous thing it was, too! I actually believed I was in a New York
Sweet Shop!
The banquet table! Dawna created it all herself!
She has such a hand at such things!
More lovliness! Just lovely!

The whole kitchen and dining room where just full of delightful
jars of candy! It was heaven for the little sticky hands
of little boys!

Reeses! My favorite!

Carmel! Delicous!

These were terribly good! I couldn't stop eating them!

A place for the guests of honor!

Some of the decorations!

Cucumber sandwichs are my absolute favorite! There is nothing better!

Oh, did I mention Dawna made all the food, too?
She's amazing!
Each year at her Christmas party Dawna always presents us with
a special "guest". Last year it was Mr. Willy Wonka
and his chocolate shop.
This year, since it was set in a New York Sweet Shop,
we had a number of 'guests'.
It happened to be the Newsies!
She bought us the DVD and we had the best time!
Hannah got the soundtrack for Christmas
so the house has been simply full of Newsies!

Then, on the day after Christmas, we had some good friends come
out and join us for the afternoon and evening.
We went to the pond and it was terrible windy, but we had a
blast sledding and sliding on the ice!
Ever gone prairie surfing before? Well, here's a look at it!
It is soooo fun!
Daddy found the hood of an old Chevy pickup
and stuffed an older matress inside,
tied on a few ropes to hold onto and hitched it to the back of the
The kids had a great time, but got very cold!

Jesse, a little too small to ride on the surfer,
sat in the back of the suburban with me and took pictures!
He's so cute!

Some of my beautiful prairie scenery!
I wish you could see it for real, pictures do not do it justice!

The ice.
I took this from inside the suburban so that's why it's all spotty!


Those aren't snow covered hills in the background,
those are really clouds! Seriously!

Dakota land!

Well, I just ran out of pictures, so that must be all for now!

Happy New Year everyone and a blessed evening!

God Bless!


Laura said...

OH, Kayli, what fun you have been having! Dawna's Christmas party looks enchanting-- lovely theme idea. I was this close to getting Liz the Newsies soundtrack for Christmas... lucky Hannah. ;) And mattress sledding looks like an absolute blast.

Love all the new pictures, girl. Love you!

Emily said...

Oh, I loved it! Definitely satisfied my "picture craving"! :) I loved the picture of the little village--it turned out really clear, and the lighting is lovely!