Mar 8, 2009


TeenPact was really amazing! I was blessed to be able to go and didn't even know it until I got there. It encouraged me in so many ways! I'm really glad I went. I learned so much about our government and about how God can work in each of our lives!

I'm sorry I didn't get to take many pictures, the only time I was able to was after the classes in the evenings and the afternoons. But I did get a few. :)

This was our awesome staff, the one's that headed up TeenPact for the week
They were so much fun!
L to R Front Row: Molly, Shiloh, Bre
L to R Back Row: Josh, Adam, Nathaniel.
Nathaniel headed up my committee and I'm really glad I had him.
This is Molly and I one night we were playing games.
I loved her, too!
Molly and Hannah!

Playing the Story Game.
Now if you don't know how to play, it is a hilarious game!
Very fun!

Still playing the story game!

My dear friend, Abby, of eight or nine years!

The Vander Hamm's! Abigail and Hannah!
They were so fun!
Abigail was the "Mom" of our room. :)
(In our room)
"Now what are these silly girls doing now?"

Rachael, you're such a sweet heart!

Hannah and Andrea.
"Whatever it is--I don't want it!"

Two dear girls from Wisconsin,
Laina and Melika Willoughby. They were such kindred spirits!

Hannah Nehring and Laina Willoughby.
Hannah was such a cute little girl!

Totally cute!

My committee, which happened to be the Agriculture and Natural Resources,
eating lunch and discussing bills.

You're a doll, Jenna! I'm glad you were on my committee!

Norman, our chairman.
Despite what the camera caught him doing, :)
he's a real gentleman and an awesome friend! :)
Kathryn, our clerk. She was a whole lot of fun!

Thinking. Seriously thinking!

Melika and me! :)
We decided to switch places and she be the tall one and I be the short one! :)
So, I will end now with one thing that I was really impressed with at TeenPact. We did a lot of walking to and from the capitol building and there were many doors to open, but...I did not have to open a door once for myself! The guys always did that for us! Despite what some women may think, I felt entirely lovely having a door opened for me, as strange as that may sound. :)
I would encourage all of you to go to and learn more about it. I could speak forever on the topic of TeenPact! It was so awesome and I encourage all of you, if you don't have it in your state, find a state closest to you and GO! Every young adult must have a TeenPact experience! This I sincerely believe!
Good night and God bless! :)


Emily said...

I'm so glad to hear that you had good time!! Makes me happy to see you happy. :D

Love you! And I'll hopefully get an email to you soon. :) I'm so sorry at how bad I've been with replying! :S

Anonymous said...

I hadn't ever heard of TeenPact until I met you guys - thanks for sharing about it! Looks like it was great great!! :) How was church yesterday? We miss you all most on Sundays! Love you :)