Mar 7, 2009

This is Home 2 (inspired by Lizzy) :)

On Thursday it was 70 degrees.

On Saturday, it's 33 degrees.

I love South Dakota!

On Friday, the wind came.
In the afternoon, I took my puppies for a run and ran up to the hill, the Point of Glory.
I stood there and let the wind fly me away across the prairies! :)

Today I'm reading Trixie Beldon and taking the long trail back to childhood days when things were always good and fine.
I'll sit on the couch in the sunshine with my books and pens and snuggle up with my pillow and afghan.

I love living life!

1 comment:

Laura said...

"Curl up with my books and pens and pillow and afhgan"... sounds like what I do when I'm on a story-writing kick. Love you, girl! :)