Apr 20, 2009

Once upon...Nothing to post!

This is one of my favorite times to post--When I have nothing in particular to post about! :D Hehe! Except that I am sitting in a Ramkota inn, enjoying my Dad's school laptop, while my family sits around me on the beds, and falling off them laughing at America's Funniest Video's!

They were quite funny this time! A whole lot of people swinging on ropes that keep breaking, dumping people into water and running them into poles! :D Hilarious!

While I might explain what I am doing in a hotel which is only an hour from where I live. :) Dad is on a school project that teaches teachers more about technology. The best part is, it's all paid for! There are two beds in the bedroom he was given, a HUGE pool downstairs AND--a fantastic water park! It's so beautiful! Well, it's supposed to be for kids, but it's amazing what your imagination can do when fed by simple things--it turns it into something grand! My little siblings and I were the only one's down there at the time and we were chased by sharks in the water, we fell from aboard ships by sliding down the marvelous slides, and were shipwrecked on a palm covered island! I love my family, they're really what makes the imagination soar! :) ;)

Well, anyway, that's what I'm doing right at the moment! And my family is half off getting ice cream and the other half is still laughing at AFV! :) LOL Now, swimming pools are falling apart after children's cars are running into them, and...and a little girl will kiss an ugly, ugly bug, but she won't hold it! :)

Well, goodnight! God bless! Sleep well!


Jonathan and Denielle Johnson said...

Grand times! :) Sweet!:)

Laura said...

Sounds neat, Kayla! Imaginations are such USEFUL things, aren't they? They make life indescribably more interesting. :)

Love you!