Apr 24, 2009

Thank you, Mrs. L!

An incredible thank you to Mrs. Laurie for taking some of the most beautiful senior photos for me!
Thank You, Mrs. L!
(I especially like the one of the toes!)


Alyosha said...

Those are lovely! I really like the second one too :P And I love your new profile picture, was that one of them too?

My mum mentioned something about getting graduation photos of me. I'm hoping she forgets about it. :P

Kayla said...

Yep, that's one, too! She did so well! I really love them all. :)

Aw, come on! I'd love to see photos of just YOU, actually! :D

Laura said...

OH, Kayli, those are gorgeous. I love them... you are so beautiful. :)

Emily said...

I love them, Kay!! Simply divine! :) I love the bottom one...and the middle one...just make it all three. :D

Love you very much, precious girl!

ForeverFan said...

Oh, those are gorgeous! :) You are so pretty Kaylee! :)

Jonathan and Denielle Johnson said...

Great pics, Kayla! I love them! :) Hugs!
ps. when's the official grad date? And what plans do you guys have for a celebration?

Ashley Sebo said...

Very lovely pictures!!!

I bet your excited to graduate!!!
Are you? You look very lovely!!(I hope it doesn't freak you out to have that coming from someone you don't know...)

Have a lovely week!

Kayla said...

Thank you, Ashley. :) Yes, I am very excited about graduating! And, no, it doesn't freak me out to hear you say that! ;) I know you from Emily and Lolly, and that makes us pretty nearly sisters! *hugs*

Kayla said...

Oh, Jon and Denielle, I think I missed your comment before!

The date is May 23. And as for the celebrating we just plan to make a cake and be with some friends that day.:) And that Sunday or Monday we're off for Arizona. :)Whoo-hoo!