Jun 16, 2009

Colorado Memories...

Our trip to Arizona was a most amazing vacation! It was different going to a place where you weren't surrounded by pine trees! :D This time it was cactus and hibiscus flowers and palm trees! Simply gorgeous! Our grandparents live in the Mesa/Phoenix area and last summer Grandpa had a hip replacement and got a huge infection. So he and Grandma were not well enough to come visit us like they do every summer. So we went down there. :) It was very exciting! I had never been Arizona before and it was an experience! Let me tell you! Getting to go swimming everyday and every night, feeling 80 degree weather at 8:00 AM, and spending time with my grandparents, I had the best time!

But we had to travel through a few other states to get there and that was experience, too! The first state was Colorado, but I lived there a few years of my life and been there and back again. But it was so fun to go back and see where we once lived and relive memories there. One memory is, swallowing a paperclip and having to get an X-ray. I was so scared and angry about having to go to a doctor I told my mom, "They don't even have doctors anymore, Mommy!" :D Ah, those days! :) Prepare for nostalgia galore!

We hadn't even gotten half way down our road when, what-do-ya-know, we had to turn right back around to retrieve some random forgotten item! :) But we finally got on our way!

Here we are! In Burby, still in South Dakota! But I, still enthralled completely with my new camera, could not restrain myself from taking pictures!
Billy, playing battleship, and grrring and hissing every time he lost. :)
Random Ethan picture of him expressing himself!

Catching people unawares is so fun! Typical Joseph shot,
he just looks annoyed, he's not really. :D

"Yes, Kayla! We know you love your camera! Now put it back in the new orange case I bought you and leave it there!" :D

It's going to be a loooooong trip! :D
Blue star bursts help a lot. :)

Billy and Bananas. They came along, too. They wanted to meet
Grandma and Grandpa. :D

Mom! There's a weird girl sitting next to me who keeps taking
pictures of herself and staring at me!

Ye-haw, cowboy! Ready for Santa Fe!

In Sydney, NE, we stopped at the first Cabela's ever built.
Like typical Updike's we had to take pictures of the elephants, and look
at all the stuffed animals and watch the waterfall, but not buy a thing. :)

Mom saw the flag against the clouds as we were leaving.
It was so pretty!

Colorado country. It's green! Look, Mom! It's green! :D

Where we're going, and where we're still going, and where we're
STILL going!

We used to live in Brush, CO, where Dad taught at a small Christian school.
We found someone and he let us look inside the old gym.
It looks so small compared to the memory I have of it as a little girl!

Riverview Minute Men can't be beat!
I can remember chanting that at basketball games!

Dad built these steps...I remember walking down them with my little sister,
holding hands, and being very careful not to let her trip. I was so surprised to see them still there! :)
Dawna remembers better than any of us! She made such a pretty nostalgic
picture walking down the road. I've titled this, "A Walk Down Memory Lane".

This is the gym! It looks so small! Everything was so big
when I was a little girl!

Reliving memories with each step!

The highway is way out there! I remember standing right there
watching for Grandma and Grandpa when they came to visit!

Talking about old times and old friends. :)

This is the church we used to attend. Dawna, for memory's sake,
wanted to stop and remember!

It was raining so hard! But we got a picture or two!

Dawna and Ethan yelling, "Hurry up, Kayla! Take the picture!" :)
Well, that was our first day of travel! It was so very fun, so very cramped, but so very delightful!
More to come! ... Soon. :D


Laura said...

Oh, Kayli, what a fabulous time you had!!! I LOVE all your pictures but the tinted one of the steps and the grass is SUPER!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!

Ashley Sebo said...

Cute post, Kayla! I like that picture of the church! I have to agree with Laura, very nice job on the steps!

Looks like you had fun!

I can't wait for more!


Kelsey said...

My goodness, land looks so flat without the hills and trees interrupting everything. haha.

Love the pictures! Especially #10, #23, #25... That church is smashing.