Jun 15, 2009

Look Em!

I'm touching a palm tree!! :)


Emily said...

Yayness!! :) Now if I can only get you down here to touch a CALIFORNIA palm tree--then I'll be happy. ;)

Love you, dearie! :D

Ashley Sebo said...

(Well, I really shouldn't leave a comment, this is for Emily, but...)

One small taste of the delights in CA!(which

I agree!! Try to visit us soon! It will make us ALL very happy!

*Cheer* Thank you for your sweet email!

Love you!

Kayla said...

Ah, yes! A Cali palm tree would be even better! :)

It's alright that you comment, Ashley! I LOVE comments! :)

Lois said...

Lol, I should check your blog more often, Kay... Aren't palm trees amazing?? I'm going to agree with Em, you really should come down here for a week or four to really experience all the delights Cali palm trees can offer. :)