Aug 29, 2009

Girls in Pink Dresses on Trampolines!

Dear Reader,

I am writing today of a splendid matter, of which I shall have the most delightful time recalling to you. A day of satin dresses and tea, cakes, and laughter, and many wonderful conversations about the oddest assortment of things! We had the great fortune of entertaining two of the finest ladies in the land--

Lady Brooke,

and Lady Hayley.

The kindest, dearest ladies one ever shall meet. The kind of ladies one does not forget very easily. Ladies of high, social regard, I must tell you! I could not believe my ears when told of their coming to visit! And to think, after tea and cakes, they heartily agreed to dining with us that evening!

And they graciously accompanied us to our home theater, following a most delicious dinner, for an evening of the superb actress, Hayley Mills in "The Moonspinners". An excellent film! And so, dear reader, by that time it was much too late to let our special quests out, and persuaded them to spend the entire night with us to rest their weary souls. Giving them, of course, the guest bed, which can hold a good number of people at the same time(lucky for us)--our lovely trampoline!

But let me continue on with our day! Breaking out the best china, they were polished and wiped until they shone, fit for queens!

We baked and powdered, and I must say Cook out did herself! Quite!

It was a glorious affair! The table arrayed in a bower of pink and purple, our fine ladies favorite colors, looked very eatable!

We had a marvelous time! But I did fail to mention before that our other two guests happened to be the illustrious Major Ethan and Sergeant Joseph.

The ladies enjoyed their company very much. Men in starched uniforms and shiny medals are quite enjoyable, you know! And we had many grand discussions of the books of Redwall, by Brian Jacques. Sergeant Joseph was quite adamant upon telling us of the otters.

After tea, we could not restrain ourselves from hitching up our skirts and running out to jump on the guest bed! Another glorious affair for which our aunts did not scold us!

All ladies of high, social regard do such things after tea, didn't you know. Lazing about on guest beds are in the highest of fashion, not to mention splendid fun as well!

And playing "Ring-Around-the-Roses" in succession is an absolute favorite! Such screams of delight were heard when everyone flew over and landed on top of one another! The getting up of one's self again remains to be an akward situation, as there is such a tangle of legs and arms and sashes afterwards!

And so dear reader, you may remember when you read this letter again, that I write in a grateful pen, happy for such a glorious occasion to have, perchance, happened upon us. Oh, not because Ladys Brooke and Hayley are such ladies of high regard, and prominent in our land, but because of the friends I have made, and so enjoyed in the making, and the deepening bond between us.

I remain yours, most truly,

Kayla M.


Kelsey said...

Nice pictures! Looks like you had a lovely time :)

You must have more talent than I do for jumping on trampolines in long tangly dresses...I tried a few times in my reckless youth, and the results were rather dreadful. :P

Laura said...

Looks a lot like the tea party we had so many years ago... brings back moonspinning memories. :) Love you, girl!

Emily said...

Aww! So adorable, Kay! I LOVE you writing syle--it's completely and so sweetly "Kay-style." :)

Jonathan and Denielle Johnson said...

Delightful!! :)

Lois said...

Oh, it looks like you had a delicious time of it! The pictures are adorable. Love you, Kay!