Aug 19, 2009

"Oh, Jacob..."

Whenever we have a great big storm, and the next morning come out to survey the damage done, I always think of the line Sarah Wheaton says in 'Sarah, Plain and Tall' when they come out their barn after the big storm they have. "Oh, Jacob!"
Well, we didn't have near as bad a storm as they did, but it did enough damage to be a doozy!
But we got a good start on our firewood stock for this winter! :D
There were limbs down everywhere! Now they wait, all in a long line to be burned in the fire pit!

Good green branches are always the ones to break off and fall down. Why not some of the old dead ones?!

Well, one of them did. A dead tree we've been wanting to cut down saved us the trouble.

It spells a couple of words--
Warm fires on cold winter evenings!
Posh to all the people who want them spared!

Sadly, our garden got hit, too. :( But since the storm came from the west, and the garden is on the east side of the house, most of it was fine.

Our corn got hit, though. We still had some corn to eat!
Our first corn, too! It was so delicious!

My puppies watching me take pictures.
"Now...I may be wrong, but--what is she doing again?"

Ethan was quite the helper! He was excited because he'd just found his old overalls to work in and loves our new farming/ranching with goats and chickens!

Our own Farmer Boy!
Adorable! Simply perfect!

And our apple tree suffered great loss. :( Oh, well, the goats will enjoy the apples.

When we were on vacation this summer, a storm came up and blew our old tramp away.
We had just fixed it all up and set it back outside the day of the storm. Thankfully, the Lord was with Dad when he decided to stake it down! It didn't blow away this time!

We sawed and--well Dad used the chain saw and did great deal...

Made us a chair, too!

Pulled and tugged...ripped and...and...drug

Still we couldn't get it down!

Hannah and I loaded the logs in the van.

I think right about here my camera ran out of batteries so I didn't get pictures of anything else.
The big limb was stuck up inside the other tree and we tied a rope here, pulled there, and still couldn't get it down!
Finally, my little brother, brilliant thirteen year old brother, said, "Why don't we just hitch it to the end of the van and haul it out that way?"
It worked!
Have a nice day all!

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Laura said...

Ooooh... looks like quite a storm. We got the rain but that is about it. :)

You're on my heart today girl... love you SO much!!!