Sep 22, 2009

Channels of Color

What are the secrets in the shade of the trees,
In the minds of the yellow, black bees?
What is this feeling so deep inside?
From what do the geese fly, yearning to hide?

Far up above, like shadows in the blue,
Flying things restless, walking things, too.
Winds stir the grasses and whisper a name.
She walk through the hills, wondering the same.

Some colors are gone, new ones replace.
Something has vanished, strolling to space.
The taste in the air is so quiet and cool,
Yet water is running, filling the pool.

The landscape curves, dipping and falling.
She wanders around them, listening, calling.
Voices draw her on, like leaves on a breeze,
From afar they journey, from ships on the seas.

From clouds in the skies new colors unfold,
Through channels come the orange, the red and gold!
Twisting and turning, covering the earth,
They paint all the leaves, the grass, with mirth!

Things half in shadow, half way in light,
A brilliance uncovers like sun from the night.
So many colors are floating and furled,
While the clouds float away, dancing and curled.

Transformed from a memory and into a dream,
Her world is a palace, a beauty unseen!
The gold in your pockets, the jewels from the sea,
No nothing compares, nothing can be.
"Oh! It is! It's the first day of Autumn!" ~Winnie the Pooh
Have a lovely a Autumn day everyone!

1 comment:

Emily said...

Oh, that is geeeorgeous!!!! Love it! I love the way the words just roll and run over in your mind. Awesome job on the meter, me love!!

Love you oodles, dearest one!