Sep 28, 2009

Bridal Portraits

Oh, btw, Dawna isn't getting married. :)
We were just...imagining.


Kelsey said...

Haha, you had me scared for a minute there! But the groom does look RATHER young... ;)

These pictures are beautiful. :D How did you get the washed-out-colour look on the first ones? Some filter on GIMP?

Kayla said...

Aw, thanks, Kelsey! :) Ethan really wasn't supposed to be the groom, just like...the ring bearer or someone. :)

Yes. I used one of Krys's small tutorials(add three new layers 1#Overlay, #2 Screen, 3# Multiply) to enhance the color, and then probably applied Curves in some of them for darker looks, and then I gave it the Soft Glow. Probably doubled the screen layer, too, if it was too dark. Not much really. :)

9Browns said...

WOW, Kayla!!!!
Those are beautiful!! Dawna looks simply lovely!

Mrs Brown

Ashley said...

Those were lovely photos! Just think, someday, the groom will actually be taller than Dawna!

What portraits! They were taken in good lighting!

Dawna looked absolutley lovely!

Have a lovely night!
Love you, girl!! And Dawna too!

Emily said...

Love them, Kayla!!! Dawna looks gorgeous. :) I love the one with Ethan giving her a kiss--so CUTE! Man, I should try that with Aimee, if she'll let me. ;)

Love you so very, very much!!!!!

Nina Hansen said...

Had me fooled for a minute. ;)

What beautiful pics!

Hannah said...

She's pretty! Is that your mom's wedding dress or just a fancy white dress?

Kayla said...

Yes, it's just a fancy white dress Mom made her. :) She wore it to a friend's wedding, with a different jacket, though. :)

Laura said...

Love it, love it... very elegant and gorgeous. :)

Love to both you girls!!!