Oct 21, 2009

A Day on the Prairie

The other day, well last week really, Ethan happily came with me on a walk, and we traipsed out to the woodland on a brisk autumn evening with the dogs. It was gloriously chilly! :)

The leaves froze with our first snow, so with only a few colored ones, they began falling early.
Still quite lovely, though.

And there are still some that haven't fallen yet, so we may have a little color.

Have you ever wondered what sunflowers look like in the autumn?
Wonderful, aren't they?

An old, rusty cow feeder.

The clouds were magnificent!

Getting to the top of the hill, the wind picked up. Poor Ethan's ears look so cold!
Having some fun! I meant to get Ethan and the grass be blurry, but I have no depth of field device on my camera. A feature it sadly lacks!

It was so pretty that day!

Out on the prairie we found hay bales! Hay bales provide hours of fun for us country folk!

Someday, he may just get that tall! Scary thought! I already have one little brother taller than me!
My beautiful prairie!

There is a little haven of trees on our way home and we decided to stop by. It's a lovely place in autumn. The light is just perfect there!

Dakota ranch land, could be mistaken for English countryside. Perhaps! At least I thought it might! ;)

I love this red gate! But I did a little work and made it a bit brighter since evening was coming and it was getting dark.

Our mailboxes. Pretty, huh?

Catching the sunset on the autumn flowers!

And on our driveway!

Just around the corner is our home, and a lovely spot, where I am content, and writing up this post. I am having a wonderful evening, with hot cocoa to warm me up and down!

Have a lovely evening, too, everyone!


Kelvin S. Mangundayao said...

Wonderful experience. Nice snapshots. I liked the outlay of your blog. Very inspirational...

>Good day!!!:D

Hannah said...

It's really pretty there, it looks like! I love the cow feeder.

Hannah said...

Yes, it could pass for English countryside, although you might want to compare it in the Spring when it's...umm...green! :) Lovely post, dearest. Very artistic! I love the picture of the leaves.

Laura said...

Mmmm... fall-- gotta love 'er!!

Emily said...

Soooooo incredibly beautiful, Kayla! Makes me want to go there and do a photo shoot together. :D And I LOVE the new header--very gorgeous!

Luveth thee!

Nina Hansen said...

I love the way you tell a story through photographs, Kayla! You're really gifted!