Oct 14, 2009

Hither, Thiter, and Yon

It feels like I have not been home in months! Like I've been away on some terrible adventure that turned out alright in the end, even though it wasn't the best of adventures.
I love adventures, quite a lot actually, I'm just a trifle afraid that one day they'll happen to me, that's all.
You always feel so strange coming home after you've been away a long time. Everything seems so far away and distant, like the memory of a dream you once had, that lingers with, and you can half way remember it, but can't! Not all of it.
But everything always gets better after you've hugged your mother and stood at the window for hours waiting for your father to get home from work. Oh, and also after your big little brother picks you up and swings you around the room in a lovely hug! And then you feel so happy that everyone did miss you, after all, as much as you missed them, and you're sure can't think of a more nicer thing than being home.
Dawna and I went on an adventure this past week, although it does seem years ago now. It all went rather quickly, but then again it all seemed to go very slowly. Keeping a quilt shop is a lovely idea, but I'm sure I'm not cut out for it. And when you keep it for someone else, you're always terribly frightened that you'll do something wrong, even after they've assured you you can never make a mistake.
We enjoyed it, I'm sure. But I'm sure, too, we'll decide we enjoyed doing it many years after we've forgotten we ever did it. If I am ever in need of writing up a resume, I'm sure I'll remember it then.

"I'm Kayla, and this--is(was) my spot." Lovely spot, too.

I don't drink coffee as a general rule, but when you keep a quilt shop...you might need it once in a while. Thoroughly equipped with Half and Half and French Vanilla cream, though.

I had time to edit part of my novel, which I'm very glad I did. I'm quite fond of the look a page gives you after you've dashed out all the lines with red pen and written them over again.

Jesse and his friend Erie/Ellie. He is five years old. We loved him.

A Roy Rogers quilt! For my friend, Krys! I like Roy Rogers just as much as her, so I'm sure we both wish you all happy trails hitherto and forthwith.

To all of those who have braved the pages of my novel's first chapter: This is all the further you shall ever look into the second!

Finding strange words in the dictionary to copy down. That was quite fun! The other three in our care did their work on their own in the house.

Of course there was quite a bit of time for having fun and making silly pencil faces!

They had a lovely little apartment above the quilt shop and there was this beautiful light from the street lamp casting a yellow glow over everything!

A look from the door at the round, wide world!

Basking in the love of Christ! One lady came in while Dawna was reading her Bible and asked what chapter she was reading. The word of God is a spectacular read!

Curling up with a good book in a real rocking chair has always been a favorite 'thing' of mine. And I had just such things for the occasion of being taken a picture of!

One half of the quilt shop...

And the other part!

"Oh! We must be over the rainbow!"

Dawna and I decided that perhaps we could go with the purple and the leopard spotted-ness... ;)

There were just all these little adorable set ups! The lady has really excellent taste!

Green! It's green! Fabric is lovely stuff and fluff!

Doesn't this just remind you some far away, woodland fantasy? Of creatures unseen, the impossible?

This 1930's set up! This reminds me so much of my grandma's life!

The cutest chair in the whole world for Emily! I'd take all my friends' pictures in it if I could get them all here at once!

And my piano! I missed it ever so much! My fingers ached to play it again after almost a week of doing nothing but writing! :D

Once you're a writer, you're a writer to the end!


ForeverFan said...

Oooh, I love the Roy Rogers quilt!! :D It's so pretty! (And I like the pattern on of the RR/DE material too- it's the same one on my quilt! :D)

Sounds like you had a wonderful time! :)


Hannah said...

*points wildly at the coffee cup* We used those in Lizzie's wedding!

Sounds like you had fun! Are we allowed to read the novel?

Emily said...

Yayness, a post! What a way to cheer up a rather icky day. Leave it to the dearest Kayla in all the world to put a spring back into my step. ;)

I LOVE the chair--so very cute!! That would make an awesome photoshoot prop, for sure.

Luveth thee!!!

Lois said...

Wow, Kayla....it sounds like you had one of the bestest trips ever! I LOVED all of those pictures... It was like being transported back in time. LoVe yoU!

Kelsey said...

ALL of the second chapter? EVER? *bawls* Say it ain't so!

Love the lamp/snow/light picture (is that really snow?!) and the 30s one. :D

Kayla said...

Don't worry, Kelsey, dear! Tomorrow I shall probably adore my novel and feel like letting you read it again! :) But I probably shouldn't "say it ain't so" because my moods change regularly. :D

And yes, that *was* snow! We don't have none no more!

Kayla said...

PS Oh! And that 30s set up was just for you! :)

Jonathan and Denielle Johnson said...

Oh, I love the fabric!! And Kayla, you're beautiful :) I miss you :)
hugs, Denielle

Laura said...

Isn't there so much more scope for the imagination in quilting than in just plain sewing. I think so and you captured it perfectly, darlingest. :)