Oct 1, 2009

A Promise Renewed to Welcome Autumn's Chill!

Yesterday we had rain! Oh, it was glorious, isn't rain glorious?

The day before we harvested pumpkins!

And the day before the day before, we had a sunset, and it cast a wonderful orange-golden light upon the prairie hills! "Thus proclaiming Autumn's come!"~A poet

Autumn Greetings to you all!
Wear plenty of socks and sweaters!


Hannah said...

Great pictures! What are the cats' names?

Kayla said...

The black and white one is Winkle, some people call him Mittens, and the gray and white one is Boots, after the Boots on the Newsies. :)

ForeverFan said...

I love the picture of the rainbow Kayla! It's beautiful! :)


Ashley said...

Thank you for the beautiful pictures, Kayla!

Have a lovely day! Love you!

Hannah said...

Awwwwwwww! The cats are sweet. And that one of them's got something realted to Newsies in their name is just cool. ;)

Laura said...

Ditto on the socks and sweaters, dear! I need to take your advice... flip-flops are so over, ya know?? My tootsies are freezing and it's my fault... :)

Love you!