Mar 23, 2010

The newest book added to my collection . . .

Can you guess which one it is?

And . . .

Thank you muchly for the blog award, Nina!

Seven MORE things you don't know about me:

  1. I ate homemade goat milk yogurt for the first time two days ago
  2. I have nightmares about grizzly bears chasing me
  3. I have a green Easter basket with pink, purble and blue flowers on it, and a squeaky handle
  4. I like to wear hoodies and Cabela hats when it is cold
  5. I've been to the first Cabela's ever built
  6. I love the '8os
  7. "Miracle" is my favorite sports movie

Thank you again, Nina! I Love You!


Kate said...

Is the Sophie book the newest one?

9Browns said...

You love the '80s!?? At first, I was going to differ with you. But then I realized, though it had its not so good moments for me, especially the early 80s, it was also the decade I came to know the LORD, got married, and had my first beautiful baby girl. : )

Gotta love that goats milk!
Mrs Brown

Kayla said...

Yup! You're right, Hannah! ;)

Haha! :D Mrs. Brown, I really like the early eighties, too! Especially some of the styles! ;) But it's also the year our family started, too! :)