Mar 25, 2010

Young Chautauqua

At last! The awaited YC photos! These are two of three of our March 9th meeting.

Small Group time. Where we practice what we learned in Big Group time.

Here, Joseph is practicing his presentation of General Joshua Chamberlain. I can't wait to see what he looks like in a mustache!

In our spare time at YC, which isn't very much, we usually go around asking questions about each others characters such as, "Now, when did you die?" or "How gruesome was your death?" :D Alright, that was a little extreme, probably wouldn't be hearing that in a room full of kids! :)

And just a random picture of Joseph in the car while we waited for Mom in the grocery store.

Well, that was an evenings worth of pictures!

Happy Spring!

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Kate said...

Haha! Sounds awesome. ;) Did you get a picture of Joseph in a mustache?