Mar 8, 2010

A walk in the park

Sunday we wanted to get out of the house for a bit and do something together. So we packed up the suburban and headed off to Rapid City, undergoing a little Kitty Werthmann indoctrination as our Sunday sermon. ;) She was wonderful! "Keep your guns! And by more guns! And just make sure you have plenty of ammunition!"

Ethan dear. He likes making faces so I'll take a picture of him! :)

Hubbard feed in Rapid. It looked so lovely behind the trees, there on that sun shiny.

We went to Canyon Lake Park and Hannah and I took the marvelously lovely opportunity to do a few senior portraits. But, unfortunately, it was too windy and little bit chilly to do much. I've been experimenting with a "fill flash" that my photography class talked about. Even if you're outside, you use it. The one above has a fill flash, and this one below doesn't.

It is such a lovely place there with bridges and a gazebo. No fill flash.

With fill flash. It turned out a little bit too bright here. :)

I love these shots where you can get against a wall or something. They're my favorite. :)

And Hannah is so pretty in her blue outfit! It was simply perfect! (I could have used fill flash here)

And of course, one ALWAYS needs a shoe/toe shot. Even with senior pictures. :)

In the gazebo . . . TeenPact is a must! Could not do without it! :)

A pretty spot. Everything is still so wintry and leafless, but so lovely! Life goes on and on!

We drove down to a little playground area for a bit of Frisbee before it was time to head home and do the milking. :)

I took the chance to capture all the beautiful things I missed about not living close to Rapid! I can't believe how beautiful the place is if you stop and smell the roses. :)

A weeping willow. I love these trees. Just wait until I come back when it's summer! ;)

The water was so perfect, moving with the breeze for a bit of texture.

And the sun hung in a fantastic position . . . just for me. :D

Slightly out of focus, but I kept it. Will make a good texture for something, perhaps.

And of course, bridges hold a marvelous amount of fascination for me.

So do reflections that look like paintings . . .

. . . plus trees with no leaves against a diamond blue sky.

And red handled water faucets! :P Fill flash used here.

The leafless tree up there? This is inside of it.

The sunset on the way home out the back window. The only way to end a blog post . . . :)
Have a lovely evening, all!


Dawna said...

Love the pictures. The ones of Hannah are lovely. I have beautiful sisters! Love you!

Kelsey said...

*squints* What is this strange yellow orb I see? And is that really BLUE sky? Amazing... ;)

#12, #13, and #15 are my favourites. Awesome. :D Oh and the bridge/reflection ones--they ARE fascinating, aren't they?

(Thanks for all your lovely photo comments on my blog/FB, by the way!)