Mar 5, 2010

The Adventures of Ducks, Birdie and Goose

These adventures happened last year, near the last day of a golden, hot summer . . .

Ducks, Birdie and Goose, one fine afternoon, set out across the prairies with their loving pets, Duffle and Snoot.

This is Birdie and Goose.
As you can see, Ducks is not added, for she was taking the picture.

This is Ducks. She's a bit strange, as you can tell.

They traversed merrily and suddenly came upon a pond and a tall pointed hill in the distance. Well as you can guess they immediately wanted to go climb the pointed hill and see the pond, so off the trotted, Duffle and Snoot following along behind.

At last they came to the top of the pointed hill. It was a long a tedious climb and took nearly a whole minute. :D They stopped and surveyed the land and the crystal pond!

They decided they simply had to go see the pond. Duffle decided to go for a swim and Ducks decided to take a picture of him!

Then the sun decided it was sleepy and wanted to go to bed. He kindly asked Ducks, Birdie and Goose if they would go home so he wouldn't have to keep a light out for them. They obliged and gathered up their loving pets and themselves for the trek homeward.
They looked back once more to gaze at their beautiful pond.

On the way back they saw some beautiful sights, including the misty blue mountains far in the distance. As they walked home they thought what a lovely day it had been, how nice the sun had been to come out just for them.

The End


Hannah said...

Brilliant! Love it, love it! I love the part, " took nearly a whole minute." :)

Emily said...

Incredible pictures, love!! I love the way you write--it's just beautiful. As always, I'm in complete awe... :)

I love you so much, m'dear!

Kelsey said...

My goodness...SD has some amaaaazing scenery! It looks like some movie scene!

Lovely story, that was epic. ;)