May 27, 2010

Hannah's graduation was the 22nd. We had a good day, very blessed was I to be able to share at the ceremony, it was our last big "Hoozah" of May and when got home we slept! It felt very nice to be all done with the big things! It's relaxation time, until August of course! But already Mom is doing summer cleaning and 'bouts of "oh, we have so much stuff!" are quite commonly heard while sit here at the computer! :D But here are a few snapshots from Hannah's big day!

Hannah's outfit was the best! I love. love. loved it! And might I add, she was the best looking graduate in the world! :D
Taking the isle and stealing the show! You should have seen the cameras go up when she came out! ;)
The parents present the diploma and say a little something before. Last year, Mum and Dad didn't quite make it, this year they did much better . . . until the end. :) You couldn't help crying!
They got a double applause!

Our family! I'm going to steal a quote from Emily, "Nope! Sorry! None are up for sale!" :D
With her graduation money, Hannah got a camera, too, which I am extremely jealous of! It came with a rechargeable battery and was $10 less than mine! Gracious, wish I had thought of those things!
Ahem. Alright. Explanation needed, I fear, otherwise I would leave you to surmise all you like about this pictures. On the way home, the four oldest kids had run of our little car. Not really a mistake, but let's just say our hour long drive home did not seem to take quite as long as it did before. We decided to quote poetry. Here, no, Dawna is not trying to strangle, bite, gauge, or do any other thing our William, but quoting The Jabberwocky can get quite violent at times.

We traveled to Angustura the next day and spent a relaxing couple of hours with Grandma, who came up for Graduation. Dawna looks so wistful and melancholy here.

Dearest Mother and loving Grandmama. Don't they look alike! Note: This is Grandma Wildman, my Mom's mom.
Oh, yes! We've had so much rain recently our fields are green and our roads are flooded! Thankfully, though, we don't go this way often.
On Tuesday Reptile Gardens had a homeschoolers day! We packed up and made a day of it! We had a lot of fun! It isn't as fabulous as the Omaha Zoo, but it was still great!

We enjoyed the alligator show, though they are not doing any alligator wrestling yet, which was a little disappointing! :)

Ah! The dome isn't half as big as the Omaha one, but it's still beautiful! And it made it even more so with my sisters there! :D
It's lovely to see flowers! Ahhh!

Oh, hello! This little guy dropped right down in front of me and posed, pretty as you please! "Ah!" I said, "You must want your picture taken!" He then proceeded to scurry about across the floor and scare the living daylights out of all, and procure some delightfully scared from the tourists! :D
They have two really large chums at Reptile Gardens! They are so docile and calm! Loved em!

This parrot was a character! Adorable! He jumped about his branches yelling "Hi! Hi! Hi!" to everyone who passed by! Isn't he beautiful?

And we went to see the snake show! I don't really like snakes, neither did he! :D

Gorgeous tree inside the dome! Doesn't it make you want to just go up and climb the top most branch? :D

The waterfall. These old statues are everywhere there!
Everywhere! This scared me at first! Thought it was real! Hehe. Haha.

Ah, yes! You must meet Alyssa! Alyssa darling! :D Haha!

Well, you all have a very splendid summer! My plans consist of a visit from the Brown's (perhaps) next month in June. A family reunion in July and a two week trip to California in August! Wow! What a summer! :D
God bless!


Ashley Sebo said...

I like that last part in the sentence!!! Looking forward to it!:)

Congratulations, Hannah!

Emily said...

Oh, you and your famiy a super adorable!! I l.o.v.e.d. aaaall the pictures--so much fun. Thanks for making my day, dear. :D

Love you!! And I can't wait for August. It just can't come fast enough. :)

Laura said...

Yeah for June and August, dearie!! LOVE LOVE all the pictures... so happy that your camera has returned! :D

Kate said...


It's been flooding a bit here, too. Ah, the glories of living right near the Ohio river. :P

Nina Hansen said...

Love the photos! You Updike girls are so gorgeous, Joseph is SO TALL, and quoting the Jabberwocky can get violent indeed. :D The photo is hysterical.