May 27, 2010

Twas in the Merry Month of May

Well, hello everyone! Yes, it has been awhile since I last posted. This has been our busiest month yet! We've much more to do than I can ever remember doing! Busy! Busy! Busy! But, you know, sometimes, I wouldn't have it any other way! :) It pays afterwards when you can relax!

Mowing lawns and planting and expanding our garden have been big projects, since we have quite a big place! Plus, with all the rain we've had, it has slowed things down considerably. The garden has been too muddy to plant and the lawns too wet to mow. But we've got most of it under control and our pond is full!

Our two big events of the month of May were graduation and Young Chautuaqua, which were both fun and fulfilling!

Young Chautuaqua and graduation came back to back on the 21st, and then Graduation on the 22nd! It was interesting! It happened that way last year, too!

This is Bobbie, our teacher in YC. She is so very wonderful! I love her! She has been such a great inspiration to me!

Now for the Young Chautuaquans! This is Jacob, and he portrayed soldier/actor Audie Murphy, doing a splendid job!

Joseph, my big little brother, portrayed General Joshua Chamberlain. Oh! His story is so good! (And for all those who have waited, this is Joseph--with a mustache!)

Sam play General Thomas Jackson! His story moves me to tears every time I hear it! He had such a sad life!
Zac portrayed Albert Einstein! Oh, he did a good job! Very cute kid!

Hannah played Rosa Parks! She is such a sweet little girl! I had fun with her!

Hayley played Pocahontas! Oh, another great, wonderful job there! Fantastic!

Brooke, Hayley's sister, played Laura Ingalls! So, so cute! :D

Ethan portrayed Patrick Henry. Yay!!!! You should have heard him when he cried "Give me liberty or give me death!"

Jesse played George Washington! Wonderful job, Jesse!

And I played my heroine, Sophie Scholl.
Joseph without his mustache on the way into town! So Joseph!

North and South uniting! (Sam and Joseph are actually quite good friends in real life)

The three of us with Bobbie. Thank you, Bobbie, for all you did! I learned so much from you!


Kate said...

*falls off chair laughing at the picture of Joseph in a moustache* HAHAHA! (Sorry, Joseph. :P )

Sounds like you had an AWESOME time!

Kelsey said...

I like this post. :)

(I also like the song the title comes from. :D Have you heard the High Kings' version? It is awesome. [/random detour])

So that's what your Sophie costume was like, very nice! I wish I could have seen everyone's performance!

Kayla said...

Hey, thanks! I'll look at the High Kings! :D

We're going to try to put the video up soon! Not quite sure how yet! :) But soon!