Jun 9, 2010

The Piano Lesson

Where our old, faithful piano used to stand.
What a beauty it was, I shall miss it.

The two ragamuffins who decided to come along for the ride
and ended up helping us move the dear, new piano!
Aren't they a charming couple! :D

And so, we pulled into the parking lot at United Churches,
backed up to two double doors and went inside.
We climbed one set of stairs, and then another, and then another, and then another,
AND . . .
There she sits!
Well, she isn't new, the outside needs a little work,
and she could use a tune up job,
but she's OURS!
Now begins the moving.
Fortunately, two men from the church came to help us.
Thank You!
We come to the first set of stairs . . .
I didn't take any pictures of the descentand I wish I had!
It took a little effort, some sweat dripped and backs ached,
but we got her down!

One last set of stairs and into the van, which Dad is backing up here.
Getting it off the steps, onto the boards, and sliding in . . .
Tricky, but we accomplished it!
It doesn't look it, but it's a heavy little thing!
And plays so beautifully! And the pedal works!

In you go! And off to home!

Ooh! It's that book again! ;)
For all those who are wondering, I'm really enjoying it!
I'm continually amazed at Mrs. Turner's unexpected turns!
No cliche author here!
You learn from writers such as her!
At home you rest now! Inside our hearts forever!
Never to depart!
Dawna takes a turn for which my fingers are aching!
Even Mommy plays! Which tickled me to death!
I love it when she plays! Her fingers have a grace
which I'm sure I will never accomplish to my satisfactory!
Ethan enjoys the new sound, too!
But, he told us later, that he missed the old piano
and asked Mom if he could put it in his boathouse.
(A post on Ethan's Boathouse to come)
Unfortunately, it's a little too far from the house
and our old piano isn't the moving type. :)
It's currently residing outside the front door
until this weekend.
And here she is! Lovely as ever, open to one of my favorite songs
and begging me to play! I must be off!
What's the piano lesson, then?
Hmm . . . *thinks*
Never buy a piano in an upstairs Sunday school room
if you can help it! ;)

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