Jun 5, 2010

Summer's Gentle Flow

I have some wonderful news that simply
cannot wait for our computer to come back from the repair shop! :D
WE bought a new PIANO!!!!!
It sounds so beautiful, and the pedal actually works! :D
Dawna and I are SO thrilled!
So is Mom, who made herself promise
that she will faithfully play two hymns a day on it!
Which has pleased me to a height unknown! :D
I love it when Mom plays!
Dawna had her annual tea party and this year
we went to Castrovillari, Italy, to the villa
of Contessa Dawna De Luca.
Never anything more beautiful!
And of course, pictures to come!
All in good time!
Have a gorgeous summer everyone! :)


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the pics of the piano and of Dawna's annual tea party!!!

Emily said...

Oh, that's fabulous news!!! So happy for you, my dear!

<3 you!!