Jul 27, 2010

Don't sit under the apple tree with anyone else but me, anyone else but me . . .

As to the title of this post, it has absolutely nothing to do with our family reunion in Nebraska a couple of weeks ago. If you've ever seen "Heaven Knows Mr. Allison" with Robert Mitchum and Debra Kerr, you'll know why I like that song. :)

But enough with the words and on with the pictures! We packed up on a Friday and left as early as we could and got to our campsite around two. It was boiling hot, William forgot his book, but we had a good time setting up anyway!

Our famous Ethan and Kayla picture time. Hannah's the smallest girl, I can fold myself up, and Ethan is the smallest of us all, so we are the designated back seat crew. :) It's fun.

Dawna, Joseph and William are the designated front seat! Couldn't resist a picture with them!

It was so hot when we got there, we couldn't WAIT to go swimming in the lake! Joseph's all ready! :D

We couldn't believe it! The water was BAKING hot, too! You had to go out to a drowning point to find cold water! But it was still refreshing and we had a good time with the cousins, playing "alive, washed up on shore".

Afterward, we headed back to our campsite for a cook out!

It was Matthew's 24th Birthday! He had a fabulous cake, which I have not included for a reason. :)

Grandma doesn't think her hands are beautiful, but I am quite contrary on the subject. They've done so many things, and are so very beautiful. Her wedding rings are gorgeous, too, aren't they?

The next day, we went to a small camp lodge for the day. It was such a blessing because it was SO hot and humid, but very cool in the lodge. This is only one of the rooms.

Mom set up a game you could play and guess who's in a picture of our family. This wasn't one of them, but it's Grandma Jenny when she was younger. Beautiful, isn't she?

Daddy, the ping-pong champ, challenging his next victim!

I was totally thrilled to have some babies with us! This is my cousin's little girl, Riata. What a doll!

This is her sister, Ryann. Cuter than a bug's ear!

And both of them with their grandma, my aunt!

Morgan and Austin taking a whack at it!

Can't leave without paying respects! ;)

Morgan and Ryann! They're both so sweet!

The people who own the lodge, provided stuff to go tubing down the river! It was a lot of fun! I'm all for doing it again next year!

There we go! It was so sweet, all the married couples linked arms and floated down the river together!
Hannah and I linked up with Tony and Morgan, knocked logs, got sort of stuck, sang songs, and splashed each other!

Nathan and Ashley, I think that's Hannah, and Tony!

You could also take the canoes out! I didn't go, but those who did go had great fun!

Uncle Donny and Joseph up front! And then Hannah, Dad and Morgan. Both of them turned over at least once! Poor Morgan!

The rest of the afternoon we talked and played games, so others went to take naps.

Then, when everyone came back from the river, we had a Family Trivia game! I can't remember who won, though!

Then that night we had family pictures because some of us had to leave.
The Wildman Family sane . . . .

The Wildman Family INsane . . .
Have a nice day, all! :)


Emily said...

Girl, you are so gorgeous!!! Glad that the photographer got a few pictures of herself in there. ;)

The picture of your dad is hilarious, the tubing looks fabulous, and all around, the post was fantastic!!! Love it.

Can't wait to see you!!! Love you, hon. :)

Laura said...

What fun it looks like you had. We tubed last year and I agree that it's a blast. :)


4 more days!!

Kate said...

That sounds fun! (Your grandma was pretty.)

Kelsey said...

Haha, I love Ethan's head poking through in the second picture!

The hand/ring one is beautiful... :)