Jul 27, 2010

I l.o.v.e to Laugh!

A cowboy, an Indian and a Muslim were attending school together, back east somewhere, I suppose. They were sitting around in the cafe, sipping coffee and talking, when the Indian suddenly said, "My people were once many, but now . . . " He hung his head, "they are few."
The Muslim nodded sadly. But then he brightened. "My people were once few, but now they are many," he said. "Why do you suppose that is?"
The cowboy thumbed his hat back up on his head and, leaning back in his chair, said, "Pro'ly 'cause we ain't played cowboys and Muslims yet!"
Oh! How I L.O.V.E to L.A.U.G.H!
Tully: "How's your shoulder?"
Hitch: "It's OK, Tully. The medics are never gonna believe this is an arrow wound."
Moffit: "Just tell them you were playing cowboys and Indians."
Troy: "What do you know about cowboys and Indians?"
Moffit: "Don't you remember? The English discovered the Indians!"
--The Rat Patrol

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Emily said...

That's classic! Love it. :)