Oct 23, 2010

I don't know why I'm posting. I don't even know why I haven't titled this post.

But I think it is because I've been bopping about to other, more brilliant people's blogs and wish to say something at least half as brilliant as they. (Note: I shall probably look back on this part and think how utterly silly I am for doing nothing for no reason! . . . scratch that, reverse it)

Tonight . . . it was a happy night. :)

Dawna and I discussed what "all consuming passion" meant.

We had dinner ALL together, which we hadn't had in a long while.

My family, very thoughtfully inquired after my writing and asked me if I'd tell them about the stories currently under destruc-er-construction. It was so lovely to tell them all! It's so lovely that they care!

Grams called today and told me she liked The Mirror Maker very much!

We had homemade apple crisp for dessert!

Hannah and William are staying up late playing Monopoly. I think it safe to say that the two most stubborn people in the house will be staying up quite later than it is now!

It rained last night! And today was a very cloudy, autumn day! In which I was the only girl home again! Squee! I love my boys!

I love, Ethan! He makes me glad to be alive!

My friend is getting married tomorrow! Congratulations, Nina!

We have dubbed our chickens Chickentaws and plan on hunting them someday with the Pawtaws, which we are affectionately calling our puppies!

I love being home and drinking tea while this happy feeling is bubbling up inside!

Merry Christmas! And to all a good night!

Praise to the Lord! The Almighty! The King of Creation!


Emily said...

Oh, fun things indeed! :)

Luveth thee! :D :D

Kelsey said...

This post makes me happy. YOU make me happy. :)

and um, Merry Christmas to you too!

(apologies if this comment goes through twice, my connection's being dumb)

Laura said...

Love you gal!!