Oct 19, 2010

Just a post . . .

I like posts that are posted for no reason in particular.
That is why I am posting this one. :)

Our family.
My only critique on this one is that Joseph is slightly hidden.
I should have been looking closer!
Hey, everyone! There's this new thing in South Dakota.
It's called "Antelope Herding"!

Miss Hen drops by for a visit on Sunday morning.
She couldn't stay long. She had a previous engagement.

First fire of the season!
Ahhh! Deliciously warm!
Some of the local flare!

And some easy fall decorating ideas!
The piano is smashing!

Even the cupboards!

This could prove to be a bit more tricky, but isn't it lovely?
One of Dawna's creations! Wind in the Willows anyone?

Wisdom Search the other morning.
One thing I adore about fall and winter is that the sunshine
comes streaming through out picture window and warms the rug on the floor.
I come up and just lay in the sunshine, soaking it in!
After long hours of merciless writing, it feels wonderful!
Our wood floor, just because I like it! :)
Happy Day!


Laura said...

I love it, Kayla Marie! :) And Dawna's wreath is AH-MAZING!!! Wow...

Love you!!

9Browns said...

WOW!!! What a great looking family!

Makes us miss you all even more. Give hugs to everyone!


Anonymous said...

great post :) we love you and yours :)

Kate said...

Awesome! You're a great photographer. Your floor looks like our floor. :P (When was your house built? Our's was in 1917 or something like that...So the floor bends and everything creaks and it's impossible to sneak up on anybody. Is your house like that? :P )

Kayla Marie said...

Oh, Hannah, I'm not sure when our house was built, but probably not way back in 1917!!

Our floors creak in some places, but not all over. The one thing about the house that I would change is that the down stairs ceiling is quite low and I have no windows in my room. :( But otherwise, I like it!