Oct 5, 2010

Of marshmellows and things

Distantly, the microwave dings. Then . . .
"Ooh! Ho! Ho! Kayla! Kayla!"
*Feet pounding down the stairs*
*Kayla's bedroom door bursts open!*
Enter Ethan:
"Kayla! Oh, you gotta see this! Ok--alright,
I put marshmellows in the microwave,
and look what they did! They're gigantorous!"
Kayla drolly replies, "Wonderfully gigantorous!"
"Oh-oh-ho! That is so cool! I think you should like--take a picture
of them and then--I think you should put them on your blog!"

Ethan brings delight into my life, helps me see the little things that bring joy, and never leaves my day dull or unhappy. Thank you, Ethan! :)

  • National Novel Writing Month is November
  • Kayla has been attending The Writer's Aid Society for help concerning the novel outline for said writing month (which would be a lovely outline indeed if she could but think of something to put in it)
  • Kayla is currently planning on writing another novel in November
  • Kayla wishes everyone well

. . . if you've been wondering. :)

1 comment:

Kate said...

Those look great! Our marshmallows always turn into rocks when we microwave them. South Dakota ones must be special. ;)

You've been busy. :P Is the writing thing fun?