Nov 5, 2010

Writer's Procrastination

It's a disease alright!
One you could get rid of if you tried,
but more often than not - don't. :)
The following pictures are the effects of Writer's Procrastination.
I forced myself not to leave my desk,
so I pulled out my camera until the words came easily again.
I'll let you in on something about the writer's process:
your first job, when you sit down to write a first draft,
is to put the story in your mind down on paper in the clearest form.
Easier said than done. :)

What the job looks like from your point of view.

What the job looks likes to me! :D

Pens are such lovely things!
They would be even lovelier if they had a lasting supply of ink!

The chapter I am writing today.

My villain! Mwahaha!

My theme music for this story!

I took the picture then discovered it is November 5th,
not November 4th.
"Oh the tangled webs we weave!"

Off to the desk!
Happy writing to all the rest of my NaNo friends!

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