Jan 31, 2011

On the Last Day of January . . .

Well, it's the end of January and we haven't been doing much this month, except getting back into school and finishing up a few things around the house. It's nice to just sit back and relax for a bit!

We had our first Young Chautauqua meeting, which was wonderful! I LOVE being able to help the kids who have never done this before! It's a blessing!

Daddy, Hannah and Joseph went to Pierre on the first day of the legislature to pray at the capital with some other people. Ethan performed his Jedediah Smith character at a Homeschool Fur Trade days in Nebraska.

Mom and Dad have been working on a bill which they hope they can present, which will clarify a homeschool law and help a lot of homeschoolers. They hope they can get a hearing on it this week.

But--what have we been doing in between all of these things? Or--what have we been doing on this last day of a cold and frightfully snowy January? Well . . .

Taking pictures of things in unsightly states!
It was beautiful once!

Even though it's been cold we have had blue skies.
Which makes for the loveliest photos!
Now onto today!

This morning Mom made oatmeal!
With a spoon full of butter, honey, a dash of brown sugar
and genuine goats milk--DEEE-licious!

After breakfast, a few dish chores are finished and school usually begins!
Here Joseph is contemplating which "x" goes where and why "a" equals some obtuse
triangle which is "y" distance across and up. :)

Ethan and Mom working on spelling words!
His reading has improved so much! I'm so proud of him and excited!
Sometimes when we're driving down the road
he'll pick out a word on a sign and read it as we go past!

Dawna is usually in her room,
working on some glorious masterpiece of heart felt love
or delving into a thick book of literature and poetry!
For which I salute her! She inspires me!

Hannah is working on TeenPact so very diligently.
She just finished reading Ronald Reagan's autobiography
which required three times of checking it out at library
and two renewals to get it finished.
And she's also reading "Nourishing Traditions"
and lets me in on all the fabulous things!

William is either in his room studying or on the computer studying.
Theology and philosophy and clepping some tests are just a few things
among his digestion of wisdom!

Joseph, Hannah and Mom have history together!

I miss history!
They're reading about Catherine De Medici.
As I was taking this picture Joseph commented,
"She was an evil woman!"
And Mom just finished reading a sentence about her numerous,
poisonous deeds!

Hannah makes lunch on Monday and we had taco salad!

I'm the table setter this week. :)

And you can usually find me writing in the mornings.
Usually in my room, but sometimes out in the computer room.
I happened to straighten up the table this morning,
but it looks, more often than naught, like this . . .
. . . when I am through.
I'm writing a WWII home front story these days.
Sorting through my notebooks of notes and research is so
fascinating to reread!
That's probably why I am still on chapter one of writing!
Have a happy February everyone!

"Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding." Proverbs 4:7


Emily said...

Oh, I absolutely LOVED reading about your everyday life. :)

That little corner that Hannah was sitting in--SOOOO cozy and beautiful.

The pictures were fabulous as usual! I especially liked the one of the sky and snow--incredible!!

And I adore the new look on your blog!! It's so lovely and simple.

I love you greatly!

9Browns said...

Miss you guys!

We are studying WWII in our unit-it is soooo wide a subject, affecting all kinds of people, nations and geographical places. Most of us still have a WWII vet in our family--what a treasure those men (and women) were/are!

Love from 9Browns
Mrs B