Feb 24, 2011

Made for Something More

Were you? What were you made for? What makes you think you would thrive outside this place of rain and grey stone? The days when you sit blankly, when your fingers produce nothing and your mind is dull, when you have nothing to say, when you only watch and watch and you change nothing, create nothing. What then? Those days are so many. When you long for something great but you run round in your own mind, knocking on the walls, pounding on the unmoving stone that dams up the beginnings of anything. The days when you need adventure and company the most are the days you’re caught in that prison and think you cannot bear the prison but you could not deal with the adventure. Or the company.

But I was made for something more
the world outside of the greyness
a world of pain, sadness, joy and triumph
a world where we show truth through beauty
and beauty is music
and beauty is art
and beauty is story

and I want to show that story

and I WILL tear down those stone walls.

(stolen from kelsey's tumblr. i hope you don't mind me reposting this, dearest. if you do, give a shout)

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