Mar 1, 2011

Happy Birthday, William and Ethan!

Twelve years ago, William got the best birthday present in the world!
A new baby brother! :)
Ethan James-Justice
Everyday is exciting with him,
because not a day goes by that he doesn't treat us with some
trivia about Alaska or a an awesome outfit--like the one above!
He has a powerful sense of justice and cringes every
time someone or something is treated unfairly.
Someday he wants to be a detective in Alaska
and live one mile from ocean and one mile from the mountains. :)
Happy Birthday, big man! God bless you!

William Douglas-Protector
William is ever the faithful protector of his sisters and his family.
And for that we're very grateful!
He loves building things and used to make M-16s out of spare wood around the place!
He's very studious and quiet and is planning on going into politics.
Happy Birthday, Buddy! God bless!


sunny said...

Enjoyed your pics;....
Hope you can view mine...
and remember His name is also Love...

Laura said...

Happy Birthday, guys!! :) Hope it's an amazingly fun day for you both.