Mar 30, 2011

Four things that amaze me, just as they amazed Solomon

Thousands of years ago, four things made a man stop and shake his head in amazement. So beautiful, too wonderful they were that he could not comprehend them!

"There be three things

which are too wonderful for me,

yea, four which I know not:

The way of an eagle in the air;

the way of a serpent upon a rock;

the way of a ship in the midst of the sea;

and the way of a man with a maid."

Proverbs 30:18-19

As spring seeps in through the corners of the world and life begins to creep back into the trees in the forms of little budding beads, hardly anything amazes me more than all that surrounds me.The birds are so joyous in the morning, their songs brighter and lovelier than I ever remember them being!

When the creatures of nature are so happy to be alive, when they've weathered storms even worse than mine, how can I be any less than "happy just to be alive" as well?

But sometimes, when I'm not even thinking about anything in particular, I'm startled with the realization that I'm real! I'm alive, too! That I can do so many things, love so much greater than I thought, care so much deeper than I do, and rejoice a thousand times more than I have before---that I'm not just happy to be alive, I'm ecstatic to be alive! I'm exultant because my Savior saved me, caused me love, to care, to rejoice! I'm thrilled because He creates a beauty inside my heart I hadn't ever felt before! I'm overpowered because HE'S ALIVE, too!

"Amazing love!

How can it be?

That you my King should die for me.

Amazing love."

That is something beyond time and space.




Emily said...

Amazing!! What a thought provoking post...

I love you dearly!!!!

Nina Hansen said...

Kayla - such a beautiful post! It made me a bit weepy. I feel so exactly the same about spring and this year I'll miss spring so much!!