Jun 24, 2011

From the Squad:

How lovely the day was!

And how amazing!

Hannah planned and cooked her ENTIRE birthday meal!

She is such an incredible person! I love her.
Made her own chocolate swirl cheesecake(this is before it is finished).

The raspberries will go on the top, which was DELICIOUS!

And little fruity side dessert!

Gluten free onion rings, which were amazing!

Meat balls with Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce. Stuffed mushrooms and fried chicken! Stuffed mushrooms . . . they are . . . Mmmmmp!

Oh and not excluding the best thing of all . . . Cottage cheese salad! I feel for you if you have never tasted it! "I could eat this until I died . . ."--Ira, Friendship's Field

And here's the lovely birthday girl! So sweet!
Mom gave her Shoshanna Easling's two DVD's Making Herbs Simple and Audrey Hepburn's Roman Holiday. Need I say that we girls stayed up till almost midnight watching it? It was so lovely! I really enjoyed watching it that time! There was just something different and beautiful about it!

Hannah loves this kind Dutch pattern china! So when Dawna saw it, she just HAD to get it for her! Isn't it beautiful?

Now, Hannah, Dad and I, and well, actually all of us are fans of the 1960's TV show Combat! Which is about a squad of American soldiers in France during WWII. In some of the episodes they wear what are called jeep caps, which are just like a stocking cap only they have a brim. This one was from me to Hannah.

I LOVE her face! I was so afraid she suspected that I got her one of the seasons of the show!

She didn't expect at all! I love surprises!

The cheese cake in all its glory! It was SO good!

I'm so glad I have a sister like Hannah! She's so precious to me!

We put on our jeep caps every time we watch Combat! together!

(this pic is going on my nightstand!)

Happy Birthday, dear sister!

I love you!

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Hannah said...

Aww, thank you, dearly! Love you too! And thank you for your help in the kitchen! I couldn't have done them without you!!! :)