Jun 16, 2011

I left in the rain today . . .

Their daddy came for them after babysitting ended and little Owen was happy to see me go.
But I'm glad.
Glad that he loves his daddy a whole lot more than he does me. It's just . . . better that way, and much more wonderful.
Will was waiting for me outside in the rain, sitting patiently in our old, comfy van.
That tan and brown Dodge carries so many memories, so many friends, so many laughs around with it wherever it goes---even if it does get really dusty on the country roads.
It's pulled us around for just about fifteen years. It needs new tires and we've found grass growing in the back a couple of times, but we still love it.
I slipped into my flip flops probably about 5:37 PM tonight and ran out into the rain to catch a ride home with my bro. He's a good gent. Waited a half hour later to go to work so he could drop me off at babysitting this morning. Yup. One of the best gents there are!
Yes, it rained tonight. Rained all spring, in fact.
I love it. There is nothing quite like rain in the whole world.
Especially when it comes in spring.
Our garden is all planted and I think there several files of pictures in My Documents which are begging to become a blog post. Especially a certain Sunday where we got to ride in a real WWII American transport truck! :D Glorious! (Oh, and I also got to hold an actual M1 Garand!*shriek*)
And after this weekend there will be more pictures.
Hannah's birthday party and all.
Oh, and then Father's Day, too. Hannah and I share a special wink to make our surprise for Daddy a little more---special. ;)
I wished for a red sky tonight.
But it turned out yellow.
Maybe the weather man will be wrong tomorrow.
We're going to the beach.

I left in the rain today, to go home. The water squished up through my flip flops and turned my toes cold.
I remember . . . I was very happy to go home.
Home. It's just . . . better that way, and much more wonderful.



P.S. I wrote a poem on Tuesday.

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mmmmmm... lovely!!