Aug 22, 2011


An age passed since I first woke up at four AM to go camping with Laura, when in reality only a weekend has slipped away, like a red flaming leaf floating by on the gray-green surface of a pond.
An eternity filtered through my soul since the moment I said good-bye to a dear, wonderful friend!
I live for the next moment I get to hug her and say, "I am so glad to SEE you!"
I miss you!
Things I have come to love since being with Laura:
Being with Laura(a lot more than I did before, let me tell you)
Susan Boyle
Michael Buble
"My Love Follows You Where You Go", Alison Krauss & Union Station
Singing along with music (I used to like it before, but now I love it)
Singing along with music with dear people!
Reese's Pieces
PT Cruisers
And hats
Always remember hats when you go camping where there are no showers.
Hats save your life!
Need I say I had a wonderful time camping with Laura, Tim, Colin, Hannah and William? Nope!
But I do miss Laura.
Even the bumpy road up the mountain to our camp ground! Even getting lost on a lonely forest road, even walking twenty miles to a bathroom! Even the boys laughing at us being girls! Even getting caught in traffic for two ridiculous hours.
I think I'll go have some custard pie and milk and read "The Little Old Man Who Could Not Read".
I'm going to sit in the hallway with my feet up on the wall and listen to the words as they ripple off the page into my mind, waving like a white sheet in the wind . . .


Emily said...

Super jealous here!!! Sounds like a blast and a half! Post pictures, pretty please???

Love you, hon!

Laura said...


Need I say that being with you was the highlight of my year?? Or that I can't WAIT to see you again?? Or that God was so good when He let us have such an amazing time??

Love you to the moon and back again...