Dec 10, 2011

"What Does Jesus Get For Christmas?"

I first read it from Ann Voskamp. A son asked her, "What does Jesus get for his birthday?"
Only a child and he wondered it. What does Jesus WANT for His birthday?
She said, "Whatever you do unto one of the least of these, you have done it unto Me."

Whatever you give of yourself--you give it to Him.

And when I read it, those hidden desires, those words I wanted to say, to write down about what I wanted for this Christmas, what I didn't know I desired so much--they stepped into being, like the wind who never really leaves but it always there, passed from one soul to another.

What to give Jesus for His birthday . . . there's that dollar I put into the Salvation Army bucket, and the man ringing the bell said thank you, and I smiled at him. There's that big present I wrapped for Mama under the tree. There's that present I'm making--the one I'm so excited about because I love it, too.

Is that all He wants? He writes down a list, every year, you can find it in the same place. And every year it's the same. It's long, it might not be easy. It's written in the story about the woman who gave her last talents, in the manger where the baby lay, when Abraham lifted the knife above his son, when Isaac never questioned.

He wants all. Because when you give you give to Him. Let's give this Christmas.

What have you been doing this Christmas season? We've been doing lots, but it's all meshed together with Christmas, anticipation, pine tress, presents--everything. Here's just a tid bit of our life, happy, wonderful . . .

Writing is top on the list, but--with all this Christmas-ness and everything,
it gets shoved down a few places.

 Boots has been playing with boots, having fun.
He says Merry Christmas.

 Putting up Christmas lights!

 Reading Advent stories aloud.

 Here's our Jesse Tree.
Go to Ann Voskamp's blog to learn more about it.
It's lovely!

Babysitting adorable children.

 Baking Christmas goodies for people at school.

 Making a special Christmas project.

 Listening to Frank Sinatra and Il Divo Christmas songs!

 Going to the Tigers' basketball games!

 Had a front row seat last night!

Taking pictures of us!

"Glory to God in the highest,
and on earth peace, goodwill toward men."
Luke 2:14


Liz Brown said...

Everyone is so grown up! Wow! :)

Laura said...

Oh, Darling-- what a beautiful post!! Miss you so much. We put our Christmas tree up today. We are always later than you. ;) Thanks for the pictures and the lovely thoughts on what He wants from us for Christmas.

(, Laura

Krystina said...

The last picture, of you and your siblings, is lovely! :)

Emily said...

Love the adorable, thought-provoking, gorgeous, hopeful, fun, enchanting, delightful post!!! The pics are lovely, too! You always do such an amazing job. If anyone deserves an awesome camera, it's you. Can't wait to see pictures from it. :D

Love you!!!