May 19, 2012

Watching the world go round . . .

Actually, I feel as if I have been turning with it. Whirling and turning amongst a sea of endless things to do! Falling into bed at night only to rise and do everything all over again. Daylight to daynight. 
But in between, I snatched a few shutter clicks where I could find them. The Homeschool graduation, which Mom and I planned, is over and there are just two more Young Chautauqua performances. It will be sad to see it end. Time to begin wondering who will be back next year, and as who?
Here's part of our little valley and our big silver shed. We don't really live in a valley, more nestled in a swoop in the ever rolling prairie. But I'm not sure what else to call it.

 I love watching the garden grow. These little sprouting cups have fascinated me since I was a little girl. I used to sit beside them at the window and watch for them to grow. How miraculous it would be to see those little green leaves poke up through the dirt to say hello to the world!

 Mama is fast getting her garden under way. I helped her plant her flower garden, which is lovely, but I've yet to taste this year's strawberries! I've heard they are delicious, and BIG!

 I've been people watching lately. Faces mostly. All those emotions built up inside. Some are good at hiding them. Others, you wish you could make better. Or be happy along with.

 Ethan's face has been my favorite so far. But then again, he always has been.

Lightning set fire to the prairie not ten miles from our valley. Far across the railroad tracks the blaze set the clouds glowing. It wasn't exactly as bright as in the picture, but the wild, raging wind frightened me the most. Fires scare me. Especially prairie fires. And if the wind changed, there would be no stopping it from devouring my little valley. Not a half an hour after I prayed hard God would stop the wind, He did. Not a house was burned or a person injured.

 One of my favorite spring joys this year! Lilacs!

 And I ran away for a couple of hours. Not far. Across the tracks. Just for an afternoon. Ethan came with me. We set up a story. I'll have to tell you about that soon.

Baby goats are arriving! This is Zanna, the first little baby from last year, with her first baby this year. Hannah has affectionately named her Tami. Tammy. Tammie. I'm not sure which spelling she likes. But either way, she's a little doll and loves to be scratched under her chin. Today she got her first playmates! They're a little wobbly yet, but they'll be challenging the block mountain by the end of the day!

What have you all been up to?

Much love,


Emily said...

Very much like the post, dear! And I love lilacs! So beautiful. It was fun to have a peek into your everyday life.

Much love to you!

Laura said...

The wee goats are so adorable. :) Thanks for the post. I love you!!